South Carolina Gamecocks Fumble
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The hardest thing to do in football is play defense, and it's even harder to do at the college football level. So, when a defense makes a play on the ball and has the opportunity to score, the expectation is that they should take advantage of it -- instead of completely blowing it like South Carolina Gamecocks did against Troy.

On the first play of the fourth quarter against Troy, South Carolina had the opportunity to put away the visiting Trojans for good with a strip sack on 3rd and 9, putting the ball on the ground where it was recovered by the Gamecocks. A Gamecocks defensive lineman attempted to return the football, but ended up fumbling it where it was picked up by teammate Jahmar Brown.

Brown ran the ball back the rest of the way, where he flicked the ball out of the end zone before crossing the plane. As a result, what should have been a touchdown for the Gamecocks was instead ruled a touchback, giving Troy back possession of the football.

While that play was a blemish enough to make any coach cringe, the defense would make up for it by holding on the rest of the fourth quarter to preserve a 23-14 victory for the Gamecocks. South Carolina's victory was sealed with less than 30 seconds to go when Damani Staley intercepted a pass by Troy quarterback Taylor Powell.