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Believe it or not, the NHL season is coming. The preseason is here, which means you might find yourself searching for how to watch each game. Lucky for you, we have you covered. 

The 2021-22 national broadcast of NHL will now be under ESPN and Turner Sports. NBC has handled the broadcasts since 2005, so hockey fans will be watching games in a new way. A deal was made in March of 2021 between the NHL and ESPN for a seven-year multi-platform deal for half of the league's media rights, with Turner sports as the secondary partner. 

ESPN will broadcast 75 regular season games and Turner will broadcast 72 regular season games on TBS and TNT. ESPN and ABC will have 25 national regular season games and hold exclusive rights to opening night, the All-Star Game and any other "special events".

Here is a look at the entire preseason broadcast schedule:

DateGameTimeTV Channel
Sat., Oct. 2Senators at Canadiens7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 2Capitals at Flyers7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 2Jets at Oilers7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 2Rangers at Bruins7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 2Blue Jackets at Red Wings7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sun., Oct. 3Red Wings at Penguins12 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Mon., Oct. 4Bruins at Flyers7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Mon., Oct. 4Maple Leafs at Senators7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Mon., Oct. 4Blackhawks at Red Wings7:30 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Canadiens at Maple Leafs7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Sabres at Penguins7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Predators at Hurricanes7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Panthers vs. Lightning (Orlando, Fla.)7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Golden Knights at Avalanche9 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Kraken at Canucks10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Tues., Oct. 5Coyotes at Kings10:30 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Wed., Oct. 6Capitals at Bruins7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Wed., Oct. 6Devils at Rangers7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Wed., Oct. 6Flames at Jets8 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Wed., Oct. 6Blues at Wild8 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Wed., Oct. 6Kings at Ducks10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Senators at Canadiens7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Islanders at Devils7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Penguins at Red Wings7:30 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Canucks at Oilers9 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Thurs., Oct. 7Coyotes at Golden Knights10 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Fri., Oct. 8Flyers at Capitals7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Fri., Oct. 8Jets at Flames9 p.m.TSN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Red Wings at Sabres3 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Hurricanes at Predators4 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Senators at Maple Leafs7 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Rangers vs. Islanders (Bridgeport, Conn.)7 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Golden Knights at Sharks8 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Wild at Blackhawks8:30 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Oilers at Canucks9 p.m.ESPN+, fuboTV
Sat., Oct. 9Ducks at Kings10:30 p.m.NHLN, fuboTV

How to watch the NHL preseason

  • Time: Various times
  • Dates: Various dates
  • Streaming: fuboTV
  • Channel: ESPN, Turner, NHLN