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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and when they took place earlier in 2021 there were major changes. One of which was that no fans were allowed to attend event. Similar protocols will also be in place for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave an update on the upcoming Winter Games, including their policy for fans. In their release, the IOC stated that only people in China will be able to attend the games.

Here's the IOC's entire statement on the matter:

"Tickets will be sold exclusively to spectators residing in China's mainland, who meet the requirements of the COVID-19 countermeasures. Specific requirements on COVID-19 countermeasures for spectators from China's mainland and the details of ticketing arrangements are under discussion and development, and will be released to the public in due course once they are finalised."

While it's unfortunate, especially for fans that aren't from China, this is a step up from the Tokyo Olympics, where no fans were allowed due to an increase in Japan's COVID-19 cases that coincided with the dates of the games.

On top of the fan policy, the IOC is taking the extra measure of making life easier for athletes who are vaccinated against COVID-19. 

"All athletes and Games participants who are fully vaccinated will enter the closed-loop management system upon arrival. Games participants who are not fully vaccinated will have to serve a 21-day quarantine upon arrival in Beijing."

There will also be COVID-19 testing in place at the Games.